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King 5 Investigation Transcript of a King 5 investigation regarding improper repair procedures which affect safety. Mark Olson and Future Forensics were called in by King 5 as an expert on the subject.

Diminished Value

DIMINISHED VALUE: Impossible to achieve? This article by Dick Strom, of Modern Collision Rebuild, discusses what a "Diminished Value" evaluation is and how a forensic investigation, such as Future Forensics provides, benefits auto collision repairers. This article discusses the importance of using proper repair procedures and documentation of the same to protect repairers from liability exposure. The article places special emphasis on the need to adjust language used within the repair industry for statement accuracy.

Diminished Value (part 2) This article is another in a series of articles by Dick Strom regarding Mark Olson and Future Forensics. This article discusses how repairs that are done 'by the book' can result in fraud charges if repairs are not properly documented. The article also discusses how every person participating in the repair process is responsible for identifying faults within the repair chain. While the article does not specifically mention ethics, it implies strongly that technicians should keep the customer (and future liability) in mind when deciding whether to short-cut procedures. Poor decisions within the repair process can leave a repair shop wide open for liability claims.

Vehicle Diminished Value This page describes what the three types of diminished value are and what shops can and cannot do to reduce liability related to diminished value claims.

What is a forensic investigation? This article discusses the type of service which Future Forensics provides and how this service is valuable to the consumer.

Information you can use now This outline shows the detailed process involved in a forensic examination of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident. The purpose of providing the consumer with such an outline is to provide the consumer with an understanding of the difference between an estimate (based on a visual inspection) and a detailed forensic report.